Step by step

From reports on Rome to winter dance performances, January was truly a jumble of fullness. I’ve been working on vegan recipes to add to our menu so there has been a bit of a scramble in the kitchen too. So far I feel confident in a new chocolate mousse made with coconut milk and deep, dark chocolate. I think the vegan crowd will consider it acceptable. I am now onto more savory options. As much as I eat meat, when I go out to dinner I notice I rarely will choose a meat option unless I trust where the meat is coming from and feel comfortable with how clean the kitchen is that it will be prepared in.  We will only be serving the most amazing meats, and our kitchen will be kept very clean, but I really do feel we need more vegan and vegetarian options. My husband keeps mentioning it as well. So right now that is on my mind, along with OLCC licensing paperwork, the bar top order (more on that next post) and all the little things that fall in-between.



vegan mousse






Even though we are still a good month out, spring has been peeking its bright head around the corner, and as you can see I have a stack of books that would make a bookworm proud. Though my ability to read through it may make them cringe, but hey there is no deadline . . .


Hope everyone is well! Happy February!




September Garden…

For those who are not suckers for garden pictures, you might just skip this post. I happen to be a weak-at-the-knees flower lover, so my self-indulgence merely feels like a hurray for the bounty of still blooming life in my garden.

 Our summer was mostly rainless; a lot of August heat, an over deluge of wildfire smoke and some beautiful days tucked in here and there.
I believe my least favorite months are August and January. Around here, February has the timid hope of spring coming and September has turned the mild corner toward autumn. August and January just bring agghhk. Too much heat or such a daily cold rain that even I look out and dream of a little blue—and let me tell you, blue skies don’t bring me joy the way it does so many others. My perfect weather is a smattering. The best days are grey and blue; charcoal rain in the distance and then a bucket tipped so quickly onto the un-expecting walker that you feel like you got swept right into the whimsical weave of weather in a fairy book.
Either which way, I have relief that the torment of the hottest summer month is over and the following pictures are in my appreciation for the bits of garden that still thrive.
Hope everyone is having a nice September.

Portland, Oregon Gardening

 I have had a wonderful spring and summer gardening. This year I put two feet forward and found that extra ummff to try to make the flower and vegetable gardens I have been dreaming about since childhood. Portland, Oregon is the place to do it, and if I am ever going to succeed, now is the time. So below are a splattering of corners and pockets that have made their mark thus far. Next year I hope these new perennials will be more established and the soil even better to work with:
 snap dragon
 shasta daisy


 French lavender
 shasta daisy
 sugar pumpkin
 Japanese eggplant
 cherry tomato


What did you plant this year?

Stealing Flowers (but only wih my eyes)

My husband’s mama visited several weeks ago and oh how lovely it was to have her here with us. It is the one part of living so far away from where we grew up that really is hard—we miss everyone so extremely much!
During her visit we did manage quite a a lot of time together, which is miraculous 
considering how busy things have been.
Below are the pictures snapped during one of our pleasant walks…

Happy Spring Everyone!
                                                     Cheers ~

Noticing that…

Autumn officially arrived today. Not by the calendar’s standard, but the cooler air 
and sudden burnt orange colors showing up everywhere has made it official…  
 It has been happening on and off for the last few weeks, cooler mornings and 
then sharp swings back up to hotter spells….
 I’ve been waiting for the change…
 I can only handle so much heat, and this summer was far more extreme then I had expected…
 I’ll miss the sun flowers…
 And Echinacea, that the people who lived here before us had so thoughtfully planted…
I’ll miss all the flowers…
 But I’m ready for the shift… Are you?

Thank you to everyone who entered my book giveaway! I’m happy to announce Maria Simon won.
                                                                                Cheers to Everyone ~ 

Dreaming of flowers..

I have realized that having a tiny yard will mean I will have to go full flower. 
Back in California we had almost half an acre. This meant room to dream up all the endless possibilities. Here, we have something like a tenth of an acre. . .  I think?? Either way, it is an adjustment and will mean a well thought out placement of everything. 
 I’m actually kind of excited and curious as to how it will all turn out. 
flower seeds, flowers, portland gardening, portland oregon blogger
                                                  Hope everyone is well!!!
                                                                            ~ Marica

February Flowers…

Please everyone excuse me for this somewhat indulgent post. I don’t think anyone 
will be as interested in the flowers on the table by my window as I am, but they are of a 
particularly lovely nature and I had to take some pictures to appease my obsession 
with tulips and bulbs in general…
 Typically speaking pink is not one of my more favored colors, 
but somehow pink flowers always steal my breath away…
And a good white rose here and there, or yellow or cream…
I get a little soft when it comes to flowers…
That said, as tempted as I can be by cut flowers, I’ve never had much liking for them.
The after taste of throwing out dead flowers ruins the beauty of their time in the vase…
So if anyone is thinking of sending me flowers, the ones tucked in pots that can later be 
planted out in the sunshine would be the way to go…
                                                    Cheers ~ Marica

The colors of this week..

With the calender striking mid-February….
A friend brought over pansies to plant with the kids…
 Vibrant red pansies….And fresh young strawberries…
They used old cans and wrapped up newspaper to make pots…
Today we covered empty boxes with magazine clippings…
To make them pretty…
Happy Mid-February Everyone…
                                                                   ~ Marica