Pie-gression . . . Pun intended . . .

Wacky days around here. From flying around gathering bits and pieces needed for the restaurant, to chopping and staining wood, we have been at our boiling point and then the heat got turned up another notch. But in the end we passed ALL the inspections and are due to open TUESDAY! IMG_1084IMG_1085IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1090

In the midst of all the preparing we did a preview dinner for family and friends which took all my steam that I had left. There have been several days now where my muscles think they have a better idea than to stand upright—flat out is what they keep recommending.


The too many pictures is because I am too proud. I feel so amazed that this is really real. I keep looking around and thinking, “well it’s happening.” The long haul is at its end and now we start the true journey.



                               Hope everyone had a nice weekend~