Onward to Toulon and Monte Carlo…

Toulon was quiet and pleasant. We had fun at a local farmers market and spent our day meandering the mellow streets. We found a beach and I had my own secret giggle while I sat next to a topless older lady with my sixteen year-old son. He didn’t seem to notice which I guess means he is “that cool”…

small french town
We managed éclairs while resting on the curb outside of a closed business. It’s interesting how much “pressure” there can be to fit in all of our “wish list” factors. Éclairs were one of those…
The next day we spent in Monte Carlo where the coast is utterly gorgeous and the old walk up to the palace was breath taking!

It was amazing peering over the retaining wall and out to the sea where the water was MAGIC…

We even found a “secret” beach that was one of the highlights of our whole trip!

But honestly, the city itself was rather too la-de-da for my taste…

I’ll post the next steps of your trip soon!
                                                        ~ Marica

A real trek—to Europe and back!

It’s pouring October rain and I can’t believe how far we have delved into autumn. I LOVE IT! Although summer is now long gone, I am still sitting on posts that are mostly finished and need to be added here. Since forever ago when I wrote about trekking to Multnomah Falls, we actually went on a true expedition; the kids, my mom and myself. Unfortunately my poor husband had to stay home to man the fort.
Somehow though several years of talk, my mama hatched the plan to take the kids and I to Europe. That’s the easiest, fastest way to put it. Either way, we actually packed out bags, got on a plane and flew across the Atlantic. It was a big step; two of the kids had never before been on a plane, none of us had passports—except my mom—and it took a month of constantly stopping by Goodwill to finally find suitable luggage. The airplane ride was smooth; they have mini television screens at each seat and the kids were thrilled to have ten hours straight to watch as many movies as they wanted.
Our first stop was Barcelona. We tripped up and down the Ramblas and off and around the many little side streets. Being the beginning of the trip it was exciting, but it was offset somehow by the high anticipation of “what’s next.”

We also took a tour of Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church. I had heard the name Gaudi before, but never really had an image of what his work was like. Wow, it was impressive!
We learned that he passed away before he got to complete the church and as you can see in the picture above they are still working to finish it.
But honestly our most favorite part of our visit there was La Boqueria market. Our eyes almost fell out of your heads as we walked up and down looking at all the stalls.
A short stop was all we had there, but it was a good taste of what Barcelone holds. 
I’ll post the next part of our journey soon!
                                                                Cheers ~ 
P.S. Did you go anywhere this summer? Usually we just stay home, 
but this year was a real summer adventure!