Why nine-year-olds should be part of making the decisions on how to run a country…

I just had the most amazing conversation in the car with my nine-year-old son. He has talked a lot about homelessness lately, and fairness in general. So out of the blue, as we are speeding along to go pick up his friend, he says:
      “I think everybody should have the same amount of money. If there are rich people they should have to give the government some of their money and then it should go to poor people.”
I responded something along the lines of:
 “That is a really good thought.” Not wanting to crush the incredible ideal that is so alive in this idea.
He then goes on to say:
      “If I was rich I would give my money away to poor people and then I wouldn’t be rich anymore. Well I would give half of my money away.”
A minute later he says:
         “There is probably someone sleeping on the sidewalk right now, right this minute. I feel really bad for homeless people.”
We drive on and he says:
“Look there are pillows and a blanket. Look out there. That’s so funny I just said there is probably someone sleeping on the sidewalk right now!”
Pause and then:
        “But I feel good for homeless people who live in Alaska.”
“Why?” I ask.
         “Because, they could build themselves igloos, and in the summer it is warm. I feel good for them.”
We finally get to his friend’s house and are parking.
“The president should make it so there are no poor people.”
“That would be wonderful.” I say, “Unfortunately there isn’t a simple solution.” 
Come on folks in office, lets hear from our children, lets remember we are all living-beings on this massive, swirling orb. Time to stop thinking one person is more important than another.
                                                Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday!

                                                                        ~ Marica


  1. The world isn't fair is it? especially to a lovely idealistic child like your very caring son.
    However, in my heart of hearts, and put simplistically, I know that if everyone in the world had nothing, and we were all treated totally equally, say given $200 each, at the end of the year some people would have lots of money but many would have nothing.
    Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful family summer♡


  2. I agree so entirely with you : ) It is just so sweet to hear such a young mind have such good intentions. And when you hear some of the things this year's US presidential candidates have to say, also simply put, it is heart wrenching…


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