Well, also know as Easter…
A reason to bake carrot cake and tons of pies…
And —oooo— more things that are tasty and delicious and decadent and not so healthy…
 But hey…
That’s what Feaster is all about!
bluberry pie, vegan blueberry pie, vegan, sweets

                                                                            Cheers ~ Marica


There has been…
 Biscuits with duck gravy…  made three times… trying to find perfection…
duck gravy, biscuits and gravy, heavy breakfast foods, awesome breakfast foods
 Upside-down apple pie… Meaning I made pie crumbs, sautéed apples and dumped 
them on a bowl of vanilla ice cream… Perfection there!
apple pie up-side down, apple desserts
 Tomato soup from the Silver Palate cookbook…
tomato soup, cream of tomato soup, silver palate cookbook, tomato
 Apple blossoms…
apple blossoms, spring in portland, spring blossoms
 And my new favorite breakfast. Baked eggs, arugula and a sliver of left over salmon…
salmon, breakfast, gluten-free breakfast ideas, healthy breakfast, baked eggs
               Hope everyone is well!
                                        ~ Marica

Call to Homeschooling Families

 We are currently writing and compiling a book on real-life stories of homeschooling families. 
This book will be a collection of essays about the trials and beauties of homeschooling.  
We are looking for well rounded stories that encompass both sides of the coin; all peachy 
or only negative view points on homeschooling, are not what this book is about.
We are interested in accounts from parents of homeschoolers as well as those who were 
homeschooled as children. Please note, as much as homeschooling is real for those of 
us with a seven-year old, I underscore that these must be “veteran” stories where 
homeschooling continued past the second grade.
Essays should be approximately 1000-2000 words long.  Please send your submission to 
rosecolorglassespdx@gmail.com.Include your name, best way to contact you and 
if you would like, a photo of your family.
Please realize that all stories will not be able to be included. We will select stories that 
compliment each other and offer a wide variety of outlooks as well as cover as diverse 
a spectrum of homeschooling styles as possible.
Thank you for your interest! Looking forward to reading all your stories!
                                                                          ~ Marica Thompson

Multnomah Falls…

We took some time away from the usual and headed up to the gorge…
multnomah falls, water falls oregon, beautiful waterfalls
Today was spectacularly sunny causing the trees to glistened…
Funnily, for some reason the pictures I took show a more overcast feel,
but you’ll just have to trust me on the sunshine…
 The Multnomah falls were dreamy, majestic and breath taking!!
multnomah falls, waterfalls, bridge in front of waterfall, oregon waterfalls
 And, we might have even found big foots print on Starvation Creek trail…
big foot print
What a wonderful feeling to get outside of the city.
I could live in a tiny stone house with waterfalls pouring down behind it; all my heat from a little stove where I’d cook stews and tea and live with the ferns and deer as my neighbors.
                                    Hope Everyon is well!!!!
                                                           ~ Marica

Mini look a my art show…

I’ve been too busy and preoccupied to post lately. A lot has been happening. For one, I had my first art show in sixteen years!!! Yes, I was sixteen when I had my first show, and now once you double that number, I have made my way round to having another one. I decided to do all new pictures just for this event, which was fun and difficult at the same time. 
I have tended toward illustration my whole life, although I truly enjoy acrylics and the massiveness of painting giant pictures. For this event, due to our move and my lack of knowing where all our paints had landed, I chose to do a water-color/illustration influenced theme. At first I felt like I was battling my self, but nearing the end of finishing all my pictures, I finally hit a zone that felt comfortable to work in. 
marica natali thompson artist, artists in portland, illustrators in porltand, art shows in porltand
My favorite was accidentally forgotten at home and never made it up,
but soon it will hang in my living room… 
http://www.Maricanatalithompson.com/more-illustrations-2.html , portland based illustrator
The rest were too big to scan and I didn’t manage any good photographs of them; the glare, as you could see in the first picture, was horrible.

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful March!!

                  Best Wishes, and I’ll save our big news for the next post…!!!!!