From the first grey of morning . . .

From the first grey of morning until after the sun is well set, we have been busy. I feel like I am speeding through water only coming up for a breath at each last minute. 
Between regular work, daily everything, planning, building, directing, deciding, on occasion failing but quickly mending . . . I won’t go on, but holy umbrellas, I’ve never been part of such a BIG project. 
We move out . . .
And in as of Sunday . . . 
And the toilet is not yet installed. 
Tomorrow is the word, but I’ll pee in it once I see it. 
Scrubbing and scrubbing and painting and oh my gosh, I love this. 
 I built my first gate with a wheel and a side entrance all by my self. I love wood, it feels as satisfying as good run on the sewing machine but the end results can be so much larger . . .
I will continue to post pictures of the progress, but it might be a bit scattered due to so little time to leisure. Best Wishes to all of you ~ Marica


  1. hi there! i'm a friend of kim's and she let me know about your blog sometime back! i finally find time to peruse new blogs and love your's! good luck on your move and all that your new adventures bring you…:) looking forward to reading more…


  2. Hi Marica I came across your blog and think it is wonderful — love your photos too. How do you find the time to do all this? Look forward to the progress on your home… Yuki


  3. LOVE that tub and it looks like things are coming together. I hope the move went well and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your progress and hard work.


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