In the House . . .

We are in!!! Sort of . . .
Whirl winds might seem calm in comparison to what has been stirring around here. Bathroom, kitchen, yard and every single thing else has been spinning with activity. I washed the living room floor for the first time last night because up until then, there was almost no point. My whole of me is still ecstatic, but the dregs of waking up to no socks, no stove for tea, no real food . . . it has a toll that at least I can keep reminding myself is temporary. I hope to get a little more set up, and then I will post a more in depth account of the carryings on. 
Until then, best wishes ~ Marica
P.S. For some reason the photos are not uploading with quality, so please excuse the graininess. 

From the first grey of morning . . .

From the first grey of morning until after the sun is well set, we have been busy. I feel like I am speeding through water only coming up for a breath at each last minute. 
Between regular work, daily everything, planning, building, directing, deciding, on occasion failing but quickly mending . . . I won’t go on, but holy umbrellas, I’ve never been part of such a BIG project. 
We move out . . .
And in as of Sunday . . . 
And the toilet is not yet installed. 
Tomorrow is the word, but I’ll pee in it once I see it. 
Scrubbing and scrubbing and painting and oh my gosh, I love this. 
 I built my first gate with a wheel and a side entrance all by my self. I love wood, it feels as satisfying as good run on the sewing machine but the end results can be so much larger . . .
I will continue to post pictures of the progress, but it might be a bit scattered due to so little time to leisure. Best Wishes to all of you ~ Marica

Giveaway!!! Something lovely . . .

As a special Mothers Day treat I am hosting a giveaway from this lovely shop Bori Dolls.  Borbala, the creator of Bori Dolls, is offering a yoga doll to the winner of this giveaway. . .
I also wanted to show some of my other favorites from this shop . . . 
I highly recommend browsing her work, it is beautiful!!!
Anyway, to enter please leave a comment on this post. 
The winner will be randomly chosen Sunday at sundown. 
                                                        Best Wishes and Happy Mothers Day ~ Marica

And the Winner Is Tea Photography!!!!
Please contact me by May 16th 2011 to receive a custom made yoga doll
by Bori Dolls

Still Busy and Tortilla Soup

Well busy hasn’t wained yet . . . several more weeks before the sea calms is my expectation. I have barely been in my kitchen and I almost forgot I like to cook. Dishes keep piling in the sink and they are not even my second or third priority. . . I don’t actually know where they fall. But here is just a tad of real dinner and my almost five-year-old cantaloupe helper . . .
Last minute tortilla soup . . . 
Tortilla Soup
Roughly what I did: Saute in olive oil: 1 onion, 2 large carrots, 2 stalks celery. Add: 1 can kidney beans, 1 can corn, 2 cans tomato paste or 1 large can of tomatoes, 4 cups water. Simmer 15-20 minutes then add tortilla chips. Salt and pepper to taste.
                    ~ Marica