Sooo Busy . . .

I have been so ridiculously busy over the last couple of weeks there has hardly been time to breath. I am flying between current house and house to be . . . making decision after decision . . . which is something exhilarating and tricky all at the same time. . . 
I love this. This is the largest art project I have ever put my hands into.  I am shaping and creating something so complex . . . my only frustration is that I can’t do it all myself. I don’t have enough know how or straight up physical strength, but heck, I sure have enough ideas.
P.S. Pictures of the work to come soon . . .


  1. I am so curious too! Hang in there! Sounds exciting! Have you seen the earthships in Taos and all over the world? Just google earthships and you will be amazed. They are homes built from recycled items….. tires, glass, cans… and they are sustainable and stunningly beautiful!


  2. Growing flowers, I googles them . . . AMAZING!!! It is funny, because I was already thinking of eventually doing windows with the glass bottle work. Not yet, first things first . . . but thank you for the info : ) Hope your new place is working out well!!


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