Chocolate And Rainy Day Ideas . . .

So you would think I love chocolate from all the chocolate posts I have done. Funnily enough as a kid I hated chocolate, and now although I like it, I rarely eat it. The thing I do love about chocolate is the versatility factor. It is a very fun medium to work with, and most people feel indulged when they are treated to something oh so chocolate and sweet.
 Some people are now saying dark chocolate is good for you, I have no idea as to statements of that 
sort, but I feel anything that makes you happy must in some way at least be good for the mind. 
In the recent year I have thrown out my assumptions of any sort as to better or worse styles of living. 
I used to find pink and purple a foul combination and then just last night while pulling wet laundry 
out of the machine two items of my daughters intwine and that pink and purple struck me in a very 
fine way. What a lovely combination of colors my eyes rested upon. So much for opinions. But to 
all those reading this, don’t think you’ll catch me wearing pink and purple any time soon. My point is, whose to say what makes a right or wrong way of doing something, seeing something, feelingsomething, or acting on something. At least today in the lovely rain I feel less positive of anything, but more sure of everything.



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