Pie . . . pie . . . and more pie

All right, how many pictures of pie do you think were uploaded to the internet in the last five 
days . . . ? . . . at least on American soil? Well I looked it up but there was no number or even 
anything about that on google. I thought somewhere there would be a rough tally or estimate; at 
least on flickr or facebook or something. . . ? But no such luck. We can only imagine, and 
considering Thanksgiving is like another word for pie, I would guess a lot. So here are a couple
 of  pie pictures capturing our indulgence.
We spent Thanksgiving with my parents and made apple pie from their incredibly, fabulous apples that actually taste better just picked than any pie could ever boast, but we made pie just the same : )
  This was a gluten free berry tart using left over berries in the refrigerator.
And of course Thanksgiving wouldn’t be thanksgiving without pumpkin pie~
Happy Thanksgiving everyone ~Marica

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