So much yarn . . .

No, this is not a photo in a yarn store. It is actually due to a most wonderful phone call I received a couple of weeks ago. My very close friend had come into some yarn and was in need of placing abundant amounts in a good home. Well need I explain how welcoming my home is to such a large supply of wool and silk, cotton and silk rayon blends. 
I headed over to her house with a small backpack, unsure of how much yarn she was really talking. On the phone she had excitedly explained a pick-up-truck and van full of yarn, but I had know idea she really meant a pick-up and a van load of yarn. As I stepped through the gate into her yard I saw a blanket laid out with neatly piled bunches and rows and rows of yarn. I was entirely satisfied, it never occurring to me that there would be more. As I looked through what was laid out she said she had to show me some more over on the path-walk . . . and the front porch  . . . and the back . . . Oh my gosh, she had an entire yarn store sitting in her front yard! Needless to say my backpack was of small use. I ended up with two large boxes filled with the most beautiful yarn. 
I have loads of ideas and and have only scraped the surface of the projects I want to start.
 What perfect timing as we are gaining way into fall and with the holidays coming upon us so quickly. It always takes cold weather for my fingers to itch to knit. Well I better get a-knitting!

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